TETRA Radio Solutions

TETRA -- Terestrial Trunked Radio -- Offers superior digital UHF and 800 MHz communications. TETRA's features include the ability to interface with telephone systems, generate private communications channels, and provide GPS location information, all without interfering with voice communications. TETRA is widely used all over the world for public safety users, and Bay Electronics is proud to offer such highly capable systems to local organizations who would benefit from an advanced communications system.

Fire TruckOur professional technicians and sales teams can find a solution for you whether you need just a few handheld radios or a complete system. We continue this support before AND after the sale. Excellent service and customer satisfaction are key to our success and ultimately, yours too!

Our Mission:

We understand exactly what you need – safe, dependable communications. Enjoy advanced wireless communications solutions tailor made to your demanding standards.

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