Past Radio Communications Projects from Bay Electronics

Radio ComponentsMobile communication systems that are designed around the customer’s needs may not be solved entirely with one technology. Unlike most other companies, Bay Electronics, Inc. uses a number of different products and technologies to provide the customer with the right solution.

We understand that your communication system is vital to your business. We are this area’s leading sales & service dealer for KENWOOD mobile & portable radio as well as custom systems for trunked & conventional operation in government & private industry throughout Wisconsin.

Specializing in design, engineering & service of premium communication infrastructure and equipment. We can accommodate your most complex requirements and be flexible enough in our services and cost, to make sure you are completely satisfied. That commitment to your satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Bay Electronics, Inc. local government involvement consists of some contracts with the County of Door and the County of Kewaunee…as follows

Project Galleries

Below is a list of some of the past projects Bay Electronics has worked on. Feel free to browse through our work and contact us if you have questions or inquiries on past projects or are interested in our services.

Door County Simulcast System

Designed and Installed a 9 site, 4 channel simulcast system. 1 channel used for paging, and 3 channels used for communications. Designed and installed a 12 site, voted receiver system to interface with Simulcast system. Designed and installed a multi hop 11GHZ high capacity microwave system to interlink sites. Designed and installed various multicast systems with voted receivers.

Kewaunee Sheriff P25 Digital Communications System

Installed 2 position EF Johnson Communications Console. Installed 5 channel P25 Trunked Base Stations and Simulcast paging system at 6 different sites. Installed Fiber Optic Circuits from dispatch to Court House. Installed microwave radio network to interface all stations.

Door County

Door County Radio TowerE911 Center and Console, 3 position CRT console with interface to E911 phone system, console furniture, instant call recorders, back up console, back up paging encoder, alarm computer, local control base stations, multi-cast radio communications system with microwave system 3 hop with drop and insert, 7 voted receiver sites, 4 mulit-cast transmitters, county wide paging system, county wide fire communications, remote alarm system, remote transmitter monitoring/programming, 400 ft. tower structure, upgraded County EMS communications to 4 site voted multicast, upgrade and move E911 center, upgrade and move Door County Sheriff dispatch center. Upgraded county fire to a multicast voted communication system, 5 transmitter sites and 4 receiver sites, 6 GHz microwave system (3 hops), 2.4 GHz microwave system (3 hops), voter and MUX installation.

Manitowoc Police Department

Manitowoc Police DepartmentDesigned and implemented a private Dataradio communication system. System allowed Manitowoc Police Department remote IP access from squad cars.

Kewaunee County

Kewaunee County RadioInstallation of 30 mobile and 15 portable radios, Single transmitter and 3 voted site receiver communication system, UHF links, Emergency Government communication system, E911 Center and Console, 3 position flat panel display console, time and CAD records system, instant call recorders, back up paging, nuclear plant communications station, nuclear siren/alarm control, install new control stations, fire/paging system upgrade, additional sheriff voted sites, consisting of 8 additional control stations and 2 additional receivers, E911 phone system upgrade, Algoma dispatch and E911 phone system.

Portage County Sheriff Department

Portage County Sheriff DepartmentDesigned and implemented a private Dataradio communication system. System allowed Portage County Sheriff Department and multiple city municipalities remote IP access from squad cars.