Introducing the Unication G1 Voice Pager

Bay Electronics is proud to be an official dealer for Unication USA, Inc. Please visit their website here for a complete list of products. We’re featuring their G1 voice pager. We would love to tell you more about how this option is right for you. Give us a call at 920-743-0190 for more information.


Introducing the Sea Tel Loyalty Campaign

Sea Tel has recently launched a program aimed at rewarding their loyal customers. As a result of their outstanding legacy, there are many Sea Tel antennas installed on vessels today that are nearing retiring age. Therefore, Cobham SATCOM would like to show their appreciation to their loyal Sea Tel customers by offering you a very attractive rebate when upgrading to a brand new Sea Tel TV system.

Sea Tel 120 TV

Sea Tel 120 TV System worth $2000 in rebates

They’re offering up to a 2,000 USD rebate when customers document the replacement of an existing Sea Tel of SAILOR TV system of any type.

The rebate will be handled through Bay Electronics as a certified Cobham SATCOM dealer.

The corresponding products and rebates are as follows:

                  Product                                Upgrade Credit (USD)

Sea Tel 80 TV                                                 $1,000

Sea Tel 100 TV                                               $1,500

Sea Tel 120 TV                                               $2,000

Sea Tel 100 TVHD                                        $1,000

Sea Tel 120 TVHD                                        $1,000

The campaign offer is valid from June 1, 2015 until September 30, 2015.

Please stop in and see us so we can upgrade your boating experience and save you some big money!

Sea Tel Loyalty 2015